H2GO's Mission

H2GO's mission is about sharing life and having fun. Fun starts with all H2GO customers and staff being accepted in the collaboration to create the most entertaining experience possible. Our goal is to provide video highlights of all to all.  How does this happen?

This happens by strategically coordinating filming, creating new opportunities for fan engagement, and having all sports teams, families, and sponsors, become a part of the H2GO experience. Connect with us now to learn how we can help you share life and have fun!


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Why do you need H2GO?

H2GO will be there to capture your child's highlight...

  •  when you are out of town or can't be at the game
  • for you to relive your athlete's best moments
  • for the Grandparents that live in Iowa
  • for Coaches to review later with the team for teaching
  • to use later for college recruitment video
  • so you can sit, relax, and enjoy the game
  • to Share, Share, and Share some more with family, friends, and yourself years after the game has ended
  • for Fun, Fun, and more Fun!

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